Family Holiday

A kids program focusing on Christmas and the holiday season for Target 2025’s Bullseye department product line.

Project Duration: 2 months
Ideation - Development Duration: 3 weeks

Role: Product Designer
One of the products designed in this program was a holiday-themed card game..

My Design Process

Adopted the double diamond process as a framework for my design approach. While there are occasional exceptions necessitating the skipping of steps, my design process typically adheres to this structured flow.

Client’s Direction

Note: Moodboard cannot be disclosed due to NDA.

Program 1 - Family Night In
(Family Activities at Home)

Material: Ceramic, Knit, Paper, Wood
Texture: Cozy 
Color Details: N/A 
Nice to Have: Wearables
Program 2: Kids Baking
(Imaginative Play)

Material: N/A
Texture: N/A
Color Details: Retro Bright
Nice to Have: Innovative Play
Program 3: Kids Bath & Food
(Food Play)

Material: Plastic
Texture: N/A
Color Details: N/A
Nice to Have: Fun Characters

Research & Ideation

Research: Conducted market research through big-box kids retail stores, local kids stores, and online platforms. Compiled trend categories before ideation to grasp market trends and users’ purchasing behaviors to inform the ideation process.

Ideation: Facilitated brainstorming with cross-functional teams to explore product formats which helps product manager coordinated with factories for production assessment and cost-engineering before the design phase.

Style Guide Creation

Recognizing the emphasis on holiday characters in the kids' holiday programs, I crafted main characters blending traditional Christmas figures with winter animals to appeal to a broader range of consumers.

Product Development Highlights

A combination of products designed for all three programs (Family Night In, Kids Baking, and Kids Bath & Food).

Engaging utensils that entertain children during meals and foster creative play. The sets are designed with characters 'diving' into their stories, complementing the divided trays on the right.

Divided trays that entertain children during meals and encourage creative play. Each tray features a unique story for every character, sparking imagination and engagement.

A classic deck of 52 cards with a festive retro holiday theme, featuring unique spins on the Kings, Queens, and Jacks.

A deck of 52 cards with a twist on the classic "Go Fish" game. Objective: Collect the most 4-of-a-kind sets.

Holiday-themed apron and mitten sets featuring classic characters like Santa, Elf, and Snowman, enhance imaginative baking play. Initially limited to one-color printing, Santa's design now features multiple colors at the client's request.

The first row of socks showcases 3D "arms," a result of multiple rounds of sampling prototypes. The second row demonstrates our ability to infuse simple sock designs with fun elements through innovative packaging.


Continuous design iterations are integral to my design process. Here's an example of a design iteration for the play apron and mitten sets following user testing and client’s feedback.